MONEY its all about “You and Your Money”

Poverty Sucks CampaignCanadian Financial Literacy: the answer to many questions on money and personal finance posed by many different people,  age groups and ethnicity’s at all stages of life. When it comes to money most people don’t know where to begin.  Money Canada Limited is set to embark on an odyssey of learning about money and finance.

MONEY is on its way to create the “sticky” and the “bling” behind the thing that gets the target market where they live.  Money is what it is and an entire nations wealth depends on the next generation who frankly know little or nothing.

Its time for some to learn and others to re-learn what they thought they has also changed. Children and their parents probably need to know more then they do. Making saving and preserving money is the name of the game and education the strongest foundation.

MONEY products and services are dedicated to closing the gap with the haves and the have nots, he filthy rich and the dirty poor.  The need for education in personal finance at an earlier age is more important now than ever before. MONEY is dedicated to Canadian Financial Literacy and has created the important tools, space and inter-active online financial marketplace.  Look forward to these new products and services that turn the tide on poverty and the motto is Learn – Share Grow.



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