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Financial Literacy

Canadian Financial Literacy is now more important than ever before.  Children and young adults know less about money today than 20 years ago, just ask any parent. Children, teenagers and youngsters are a big consumer market and advertisers cut to the chase by targeting the young hearts and minds to sell the product and service.

Its working more kids are spending way more money than at any time in Canadian history and the trend will continue. In the small but important book called “The Pig and The Python” tells the story of largest ever  inter-generational wealth transfer from a older and hard-working population to a young and inexperienced lot that has no rules or responsibility.

Although tremendous wealth will be transferred down but missing will be the elements of knowledge and wisdom.  Poverty is at all time highs in Canada and more and more people know less about money and personal finance.

Bridging the divide between those who have and those who do not have enough or at all and through wisdom comes knowledge and wealth and happiness is the end-goal. Start now start early – learn to read then do the math Canadian Financial Literacy can then be taught to others.

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