Registered Education Savings Plan


Registered Education Savings Plan – RESP Learn more about the cost of education and funding higher learning for your child.

Have you ever been late; late for work, late for practice, late for play. You feel left behind when your the last one, embarrassed and upset to say the least.   Are you the last one to come in and the first to leave things unfinished and undone.

You are not the only one many people procrastinate, dilly dally, shirk their responsibilities and wait till the last minute. Well know you know better as an adult that you get out what you put in.  Time well spent is enjoying your life and dealing with the stress of it and learning to perform under some meaningful pressure.

Everyone knows its important to be on time and everyone learns how to tell time at a young age and the last thing they learn is time management missing the concept of the time value of money and the bottom line that knowledge is power.

And so the next generation is here and there will soon come a time to consider education all over again. High School, Colleges and University the world of education are enormous and the costs astronomical. At any cost and at any level education is a priority, get a good education, get a good job as they said, as they say and as the will say. Not a bad idea if in fact you don’t have a job you are at least educated enough to find one or make one with the people you know from school.

There are many benefits of  higher education and colleges and universities along with real life travel experience moves local to global.  The standard of living is high in North America and the costs and inflation are great yet the world is a smaller place with globalization; connecting online and in person at the speed of business is the new wave.

It all starts with Financial Literacy – learn to read then you can learn the numbers and finally you can read the small print and understand the big numbers.

Get excited about it! for your child or grandchild. Start as soon as possible by applying for a social insurance number that allows you to place this important gift in your child’s name and for their future educational endeavors.

How does the Registered Education Savings Plan work? Who can participate? What are all the benefits of RESP’s? What is the CESG and how can my child apply. What are all the benefits, advantages and pitfalls of this investment vehicle and tax shelter. Is it true the government gives you up to $7, 200.00 towards your children’s education in a tax-free situation allowing it to compound from the earlier start possible. Get excited about your kids, their future and their education today. Learn more…





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